Our Staff Are Given Cooking Classes To Provide A Healthy Balanced Diet For Those In Our Care

“Care workers at Unique Homecare Services have been given cooking lessons ensuring the people they care for eat nutritious food, rather than “ready meals or jam sandwiches”.

The care provider which provides care in Lancashire, Cumbria and North Yorkshire offers an innovative approach to caring for people with dementia which focuses on personalized care, good diet and exercise.


Michelle Thompson, managing director of says: “We give our staff cooking classes as we don’t want the clients getting ready-made meals or a jam sandwich.”

Food is integrated into its whole approach with care staff taking people shopping to buy the ingredients for a meal. When they return home, they prepare the meal together and then sit down and eat it down together.

“Sitting down and eating is a very social thing and people will eat much more if they are eating with someone rather than on their own,” according to Ms Thompson